Textiles & Heat Shields

Looking for a physical or reflective barrier material to solve that heat problem? Look no further!

Heat Shields

HTC Heat Shield is a thermal insulating and physical protection barrier suitable for use near turbochargers, catalytic converters, manifolds and other 'hot spots' (Max. temperature range 850-900C). Far superior to alternatives (i.e. steel) and very user friendly. Heat shield requires no painting, is non-corrosive, lightweight, malleable and easy to cut/shape. It also has acoustic dampening properties and may be recycled.

Talk to us about custom cutting and bending.

Heat Shield is available off the shelf in the following sizes:
700mm x 290mm
700mm x 580mm
1600mm x 580mm

High Temperature Textiles

We stock all manner of high-temperature resistant textiles and cloths, many of which we use in the day-to-day manufacturing of our Coolwraps products. We have a huge range for all different applications so if you've got a heat problem you're looking to solve, give us a call! Chances are we've got something which can help. We're also happy to custom cut and sew textiles into whatever size and shape you need.