Tapes & Ropes

Fibreglass Lagging Tapes

Perhaps the best known of our products are our flat tapes which are used predominately to insulate exhaust systems, pipes, hosing, wiring etc. We guarantee competitive pricing on common size stock items.

Always in stock are:
25mm x 3mm x 30 meter Rolls
50mm x 3mm x 30 meter Rolls
75mm x 3mm x 30 meter Rolls

Trade enquiries welcome!

Extreme high temperature and durability tapes are also available on request.

Ropes & Tadpole Tape

We stock all manner of high-temperature resistant textiles and cloths, many of which we use in the day-to-day manufacturing of our Coolwraps products. We have a huge range for all different applications so if you've got a heat problem you're looking to solve, give us a call! Chances are we've got something which can help. We're also happy to custom cut and sew textiles into whatever size and shape you need.