Hose, Cable & Wire Protection

We stock all manner of off-the-shelf and custom manufactured products to protect those critical hydraulic lines, hoses and cables on your plant and equipment.


Our flagship hose, wire and cable protection product - Aero-grade fibreglass braided sleeving coated with silicone. Able to withstand continous exposure of up to 260C and short term flame exposure up to 1093C. Highly resistant to a wide range of fuels and solvents. Available off-the-shelf in 15 to 30 metre rolls, or by the meter in custom kit format.

Heat Sheath

For low-cost, quick fixes we offer a custom manufactured sheathing which we call Heat Sheath. Available in both red silicone and foil-faced fibreglass varities, and with your choice of a sewn seal or velcro. Velcro Heat Sheaths are great for insulating hoses and wiring looms that are difficult or unable to be uncoupled.

You can download our hose, wire and cable protection brochure here.