Ceramic Coating

Not enough room in your engine bay for a set of Coolwraps? Ceramic coating might be the answer. We apply a ceramic compound directly to your exhaust components which results in significant reductions in both radiant heat and corrosion.


All components requiring coating must be removed from the engine. Turbos have to be dismantled so they can be coated both inside and outside. Most, if not all parts are coated inside and out, excluding things like muffler boxes.

The process involves considerable preparation of the surface before applying a fine film (approximately 3 micron) of (usually) silver coloured ceramic liquid, which in turn is oven-cured at a high temperature over an extended period and then finally polished. Delicate components like the catalytic converter membranes are usually coated in black. The process is non-hazardous.

Typically, most exhaust systems can be coated and returned within 5 working days.